Friday, 1 October 2010

A Love Story pt.4 Flee


Standing on the platform waiting for the train, “There’s been a delay” booms the voice. “Damn”, I curse in vain. I light another cigarette as I wonder what stopped it this time, the voice booms over the tannoy again, “There’s some leaves on the line”. Eventually a train approaches, it shines in the sun, it slows as it enters the station but it’s the wrong bloody one. I need to get away from here, away from the lies and deceit, I need to escape from her for my nightmare to defeat. I begin to worry and to pace, my trains late I begin to fret,I must escape the gathering storm before I do something I’ll regret. I hear the thunder of a train, In my throat there is a lump, It’s an express and as it thunders through I count to three then jump.  

A Love Story pt.3 Broken Love


As I rake through the ashes of our love,

The flames that once burned so brightly,

Now extinguished by the deluge of lies,

We now step around each other lightly,

Look upon one another with contemptuous eyes.

Tenderness that once whispered loves burning desire,

In loves boudoir shrine where my heart has bled,

We now lie silently at great distance,

In the coffin of our marital bed,

Life now is but mere existence.

Devine blessing of loves gifted calling,

Your sacred garden once flowed with the nectar of love,

As we spent endless nights in passion,

Now grips me like a caustic glove,

Between us there is no affection.

Anger tempered in furnaced rage,

There’s no chance for us at reconciliation,

As I caress your neck in deadly embrace,

Your eyes focus on me in accursed accusation,

As I vow your countenance to deface.

Infernal Rage consumes all reason,

As I lean forward to whisper in you ear,

The terror registers in your eyes,

You twist and buck as I speak sincere,

Condemned by your damnable lies. 

A Love Story pt.2 Masks

Plain White

We wear masks to hide from the outside world,

Their part of our everyday attire,

We wear them to hide our emotional state,

From anger through to desire.

We wear these masks like armour,

To protect us from being really seen,

We wish to remain completely unknown,

Lest we’re to be unclean.

Behind the masks we hide from strangers,

The masks hide us from our friends,

With the masks we project the desired image,

On which our anonymity depends.

We are so accustomed to wearing these masks,

There's no telling just how far,

We’ll go to hide from everyone,

We risk forgetting who we really are.

A Love Story pt.1 Falling in Love


The first time I saw you my heart skipped a beat,

It was like a veil had been lifted,

Nothing else existed,

With you by my side my life would be complete.

Before I met you my life was a cold, dark lie,

You are my soul’s salvation,

God’s finest creation,

The rainbow’s colours that fill my sky.

You are the Sun’s golden radiant smile,

You make the birds to sing,

Joyous at the love you bring,

When you are close my life is worthwhile.

You are in my thoughts in every way,

You give me reason to live,

I pledge my soul to give,

With you I fall in love again with each and every new day.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

The Light of the New Dawn


My life begins with the light of the new dawn,

I am washed with the sun’s cleansing rays,

All that has been has now gone,

I begin anew with each passing day.

The sins of each past are all but left there,

They are just a brief memory now,

Every new day brings me a new conquest,

Their life's energy to endow.

With the each new dawn I dress immaculate,

I breath deep the clean morning air,

At dusk I visit my victim,

And impart visions of great despair.

This morning I must be meticulous,

From the night’s savagery I am reborn,

As I open my door to the unclean multitude,

And preach my sermon on this Easter morn.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

On The Street

penthouse on the street

I walk, I am unseen,

I talk, I am unheard,

I beg, there is contempt,

I hunger, there is no food,

I die, I am garbage.

Living in a box in a dark, dirty alley,

My clothes are soiled, there’s holes in my shoes,

When I walk the streets, backs are turned,

Begging for money, I am met with contempt,

I am a blot on your otherwise nice day.

I hunger constantly, my belly rumbles,

Searching dumpsters for for food and clothes,

Sleeping with newspapers for blankets,

Finding redemption in distilled damnation,

I am a stain on your society.

You say I have no right to be in your city,

That I have no right to spoil your view,

I have no right to cause you discomfort,

I have no right to live as I do.

But I once lived life full in the city,

Once I had the life that you do,

I looked with distain and not with pity,

I thought exactly the way that you do.

I now live the life that was fated,

When my world around me died,

The life that you would see eradicated,

But not for the same reasons as I.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Puff of Madness


The sisters walk in the central reservation,
Suddenly charge into the traffic flow,
What made them run without hesitation,
Do they even know.
One goes under the wheels of a truck,
The other hit by a car,
Onlookers stand bewildered,
They've never seen anything so bizarre.
The one by the truck is seriously hurt,
But still gives verbal abuse,
The other the police try to restrain,
But find they're efforts no use.
She's up again and over the barrier
and stands in the opposite lane,
The police get help from the public,
to hold her down again.
They both are taken to the infirmary,
One's in critical, the other in short stay
but soon allowed to go free.
Assault of a policeman the charges are laid,
She spends a short time in jail,
As she's let loose a man comes to her aid,
She spins him a sorrowful tale.
He takes her home, gives her something to eat,
Promising to help her find somewhere to stay.
She stabs him in the chest and takes a hammer to beat
her head continuously.
She flees the scene and jumps from a bridge,
Breaking her ankle and wrists,
Back to hospital she is taken,
The madness still persists.
Her sister is released from the hospital,
She's charged for murder and jailed,
The sister has gone, the madness has gone,
So ends this very strange tale.